Still Working on Taking Inventory at EC Sheriff’s Office

January 9, 2013

Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews is still in the process of taking inventory of everything at the sheriff’s office.

When a new administration takes over, they are supposed to be provided with an inventory of property and assets by the outgoing sheriff. Andrews said that was not the case when he took office on January 1st.

“The outgoing sheriff is to get with you and present inventory and location of property” Andrews said. “Upon taking office, I do not have this inventory. I am currently in the process of taking inventory of everything in the office.”

He says upon taking office there was no inventory of fixed assets, seized property and cash, firearms in possession of the agency, purchases through grant funds, vehicles, property received through federal and state agencies, impounded vehicles, and no inventory of equipment.

Andrews said there were other findings when his administration began taking inventory.

“It has been brought to my knowledge that a whole computer has been removed”, said Andrews. “The records on the computers that had inventory information on it has been burned, so I don’t have that information either after taking office.”

According to Andrews, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been notified of these finding.

Former personnel are being contacted and advised that if they are in possession of any Elbert County property to return it by a specified date.

With a new administration comes some change, and an example of that is going to be a more detailed inventory of items at the sheriff’s Office.

“Under my administration I want to be accountable to the people for their money. I feel like doing inventory and putting an identifiable mark on all items is a good way to be accountable for the people’s money”, said Andrews.

The sheriff’s office is required by the county to keep an inventory on all items that cost over one thousand dollars; Sheriff Andrews said his office will keep an even more detailed inventory.