Students at Three EC Schools Poised to Receive Free Meals Next School Year

July 10, 2013

There is a strong chance students at certain schools in Elbert County will be receiving free meals during the school year.

School Nutrition Administrative Assistant Bridgette Matthews explains how The Community Eligibility Option (C.E.O.) will help certain schools receive free meals.

“We’re actually going to make forty dollars a day more going to C.E.O., and every child at Blackwell, Elbert County Primary, and Elbert County Elementary school will received meals at no cost to them”, explained Matthews. “We need to free and reduced application; I need nothing from them; we basically tell the state our numbers and show our documentation to prove it, and say that we want to participate.”

The C.E.O is a four year program with an option for Elbert County to opt out after the first year.

Matthews mentioned during her presentation that it cost roughly 450 dollars a school year for lunch and breakfast for a full paying student.

With 72% of the entire school system on free or reduced lunch; Interim Superintendent Chuck Bell says going this route ultimately works out better.

“One of the toughest things I have ever seen an educator have to do is tell a student that he/she can’t get a meal today because they owed the school so much money”, said Bell. “These kind of situations we can avoid by going this direction.”

No decision was made on this issue as this was only a work session. A decision is expected to be made at next week’s regular meeting on Tuesday July 16th.