Successful Job Fair for First Baptist Church

September 20, 2013

An event that is expected to be held on an annual basis; that is the goal of Raymond Scott, Lead Pastor of Elberton First Baptist Church after a successful job fair on Tuesday.

He says Tuesday’s job fair turned out great, and had quite a bit of foot traffic during the duration of the event.

“We had well over two hundred people come through our doors which was exciting”, said Scott. “There was a real good spirit among those that were here serving as well as the companies, and I think the community was very appreciative of what we were doing.”

According to Scott, between fifteen and twenty-five employers were present at the church’s job fair, and he says the feedback he received from some of them was extremely positive.

“They said this was done very well, it was thought through, and that they have not seen job fairs done this well in small towns such as Elberton”, said Scott.

Scott says they are planning on at least holding a job fair annually and possibly bi-annually if there continues to be this good of a turnout.