Summer Traffic Programs Getting into Full Swing

June 7, 2013

The summer time months are here, and with them comes several different safety initiatives from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

The most recent campaign, Click It or Ticket, concluded recently on June 2nd, after running through the Memorial Day Weekend.

Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh says things will pick up again later this month with Operation: Zero Tolerance.

“We’ll pick up again here shortly with Operation: Zero Tolerance, which is a DUI campaign”, said Chief Welsh. “Officers will be out doing checkpoints, and they will also be doing high intensity patrol in conjunction with the Georgia State Patrol and Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.”

The 100 Days of Summer HEAT will be in full swing while Operation: Zero Tolerance is going on, which is a crackdown on speeding and aggressive driving in the state.

Chief Welsh advises against drinking and driving, as local law enforcement will be cracking down on drunk drivers.

“We want everybody to know that if you are out here during those times, then you are going to get checked”, said Chief Welsh. “They will have road checks up, and we are doing this not to write tickets, but to try and do prevention, so we are telling you now, they are going to be out there.”

Operation: Zero Tolerance starts later this month, and will run through the entire Fourth of July Weekend.