Teen Pregnancy Still an Issue in Elbert County

August 22, 2012

Teen pregnancy, an issue that most people ignore, is still a big issue not only in our community but all over the country too. Teen pregnancy hit their highest points in 2010 with 47 pregnancies in Elbert County, which led to having the highest rate in the district.

Currently there have been 23 positive pregnancy tests reported in 2012 by the Elbert County health department, this number does not include tests done at the hospital, medical center, or home pregnancy tests.

Adriane Strong, who is with the Elbert County Health Department, shares some advice to teens on how to help prevent teen pregnancy.

“Well abstinence is always the best option. It is always best to wait to become sexually active until you are older so you can make better and more responsible decisions, and it gives them an opportunity to grow, and learn about what they want in a potential partner.” said Strong.

Strong also mentioned how communication is a key factor for a better relationship between teens and parents and it is also key in preventing teen pregnancy.

The Elbert County Health Department offers free and confidential services. For more information you can give Teen Matters a call at 706-283-3775 ext. 226 or text them at 706-988-5183.

By Carmen Flores, WSGC Radio, Elberton