The 53rd Annual National Day Prayer = Success

May 2, 2014

The 53rd Annual National Day of Prayer and ceremony were held yesterday on Elberton’s Downtown Square.

Emceeing the event this year was Gary Purvis with the First Baptist Church of Elberton.

Opening the ceremony portion of yesterday’s event, which began at noon, Purvis mentioned how great of a blessing it was that local leaders could be on hand to pray for the community.

“We’re blessed to have leaders of our community and our nation.  For whom we are called upon God and commanded that we are to pray for them, and it’s good that they can come and pray for us.”

Some of those individuals consisted of Elberton Mayor Pro Tem Rick Prince, Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas, Elberton Star Publisher Gary Jones, and Dr. Larry Seifferman with Athens Technical College among others present.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Purvis said it was a great privilege that people can still gather and pray in public places such as the Elberton Square.

“I’ve already mentioned that it’s a tremendous privilege that we can gather as a community in the public streets, in the public square, and express our faith. Let’s not overlook the tremendous, precious privilege being able to ascend the throne room of the universe and cry out to the God of all gods.”

The 53rd edition of the National Day of Prayer was an all day event, which began at 8:00am yesterday morning and continued until 5:00pm yesterday evening on the downtown square in Elberton.