The Drought Trying to Sneak Back into Northeast Georgia

November 15, 2013

The drought making its return back to Northeast Georgia? Well not quite yet, but all that excess summer and fall rain is beginning to be used up.

According to State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey, abnormally dry conditions across the state increased from 29% of the state to 36% of the state since this time last week.

In the short term numbers, Elbert County is down about two to four inches of rainfall, Murphey says that works out to about 50% of our usual average rainfall numbers in the last ninety days.

However, he says not to worry too much about that data.

“Just keep in mind though, we are in the dry part of the year, typically late fall and early winter are the dry months”, explained Murphey. “So we are going to continue to monitor that.”

Murphey pointed out that during the transitional period between fall and winter our area will see some temperature swings, as was evident the last couple of days.

He says in the not to distant future, we might actually see a brief glimpse of some severe weather.

“We got a quick moving system coming through, we could have a few lines of thunderstorms, and some of those could possibly be severe”, said Murphey. “Its going to be cooler behind that system, so that is what I meant by the temperature swings, looks by Tuesday we will have another shot of cold air coming through.”

Even with the potential rain the forecast, Murphey says that the Climate Prediction Center outlook for Northeast Georgia is now leaner more towards dryer than normal conditions for the next ninety days.