Third Rabies Incident of the Year Reported in Elbert County

December 6, 2012

There has recently been a confirmed case of Rabies in a skunk in the Elbert County Area.

The incident occurred on the outskirts of the city limits at a Rhodes Drive address. Elbert County Animal Control Director Jeff Simpson said the skunk was chasing and bit a man’s dog.

“The skunk was chasing his dogs, and bit one of the dogs on the foot; he put the skunk down and we sent it off for testing and it came back positive”, said Simpson. “For the bit animal, which was up to date on its vaccines, it was just a revaccination and quarantine period for the dog.”

This is the third confirmed incident this year of rabies within Elbert County. Simpson said for Elberton residents to keep a watchful eye out, since the case was reported near the city.

Simpson detailed what signs fit an animal infected with Rabies.

“Pretty much any wildlife that is out in the daytime is peculiar, because most animals that are huge reservoirs for Rabies are nocturnal type animals”, said Simpson. “If they show no fear towards humans or other animals that is something else be concerned about as well.”

Another thing to be mindful of, said Simpson, is leaving extra food out after your pet has eaten. He says doing so can attract unwanted wildlife, which could put your pets in danger.

Pet owner’s need to make sure their pets are up to date on their Rabies vaccinations, and if a biting incident occurs, report it to the Elbert County Animal Control Office at (706) 283-5054 or the Health Department at (706) 283 3453.