Three More Guns Recovered from March 11th Burglary

April 8, 2014

Additional items that were stolen in March have been recovered by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Investigator Darren Scarborough with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, a burglary was reported off of Jaudon Road back on March 11th.

During that burglary, Scarborough says a total of nine guns and one television were stolen from that residence.

Soon after the burglary, six of the nine guns were quickly located.

Now, all nine guns have been recovered, however the stolen TV is still yet to be found.

Scarborough says help locating the last three guns came from Calhoun Falls, SC.

“The police department in Calhoun Falls was assisting us, and through the help of the Chief of Police and his officers, we received several phone calls, and he said I have those other three guns you are looking for”, said Scarborough.

Arrested in connection to that burglary was 18-year-old Brent Matthew Berryman, 18-year-old Cedric Benard Leigh, and 19-year-old Haven Dewitt Rucker all of Elberton.

Each of those three were charged with one count each of Burglary and nine counts each of Felony Theft by Taking, one for each gun stolen from that home.