Tipping Fee and County Trash Bag Price Increases On the Way

February 8, 2013

As expected during last night’s Elbert County Board of Commissioner Work Session, potential solid waste price increases were discussed.

Last summer, the commission voted to increase the tipping fee from forty-eight dollars to fifty-one dollars, but due to the Service Delivery Strategy, was unable to implement that fee increase.

County Administrator Bob Thomas explained that both city and county residents have to be treated equally, whether it is a price increase or decrease.

“If you are going to increase the tipping fees, then you have to equal out and balance out the county residents with the city residents”, said Thomas. “That’s what the Service Delivery Strategy agreement says is that you have to treat people equal in the city and unincorporated areas, so that is the reason for doing both of them.”

The proposed increases would have the county’s blue trash bags increase to an even two dollars, up fifty cents, and the yellow bags increase to an even dollar, up twenty-five cents.

The tipping fee will see a four dollar increase from forty-eight dollars to fifty-two dollars.

Thomas said that if any changes are voted on, that he didn’t want them to take effect immediately.

“Because we have people are on a monthly basis, and they need some time to adjust their billing cycle”, explained Thomas. “I’d like to at least put it out 60 days, if we approve it Monday night, before it goes into effect.”

As this was only a work session, nothing was officially decided or voted on. The board of commissioners is scheduled to meet Monday evening for their regular meeting for February, where, this and other items will be officially voted on.

That meeting will begin at 5:30pm, and will be open for the public to attend.