Tips for Last Minute Christmas Light Decorators from Georgia Power

December 18, 2013

Christmas lights are aglow across Georgia and here in Elbert County, but some of still yet to be put up.

For those who have yet to decorate for Christmas, Georgia Power is offering some tips to safely hang lights, and some tips on saving on that power bill.

Georgia Power Spokesperson Brian Green says it’s best to check your lights, and not overload your extension cords.

“We recommend about three sets of lights per extension cord, and for old lights and new lights we recommend that people check the socks and make sure they are in good working order”, said Green.

He says it’s also best to avoid putting lights where water can potentially collect.

“Whenever working with lights and electronic decorations”, said Green. “Keep the lights above ground and avoid areas where water typically collects.”

Green mentions what kind of lights to look for if you are trying to conserve electricity usage during the Christmas season.

“We also recommend the new version of the LED lights, more specifically Energy Star labeled LED lights”, said Green. “LEDs last longer and are more efficient to operate compared to the standard incandescent lights.”

Non-LED incandescent lights, on average, consume about 80%-90% more wattage than the Energy Star certified LED Christmas lights, and the cost to power an incandescent can be up to 90 times greater than powering an LED.

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