TJ and Friends Bass Fishing Tourney Set for Saturday at Lake Russell

April 15, 2013

The TJ and Friends Foundation is about to kick it into overdrive beginning this weekend, as they have a slew of events coming up as spring has now fully arrived.

Gary Purvis talked about the upcoming TJ and Friends Annual Bass Fishing Tournament set to take place on Richard B. Russell Lake at the Elbert County Boat Ramp.

The tournament is this weekend on Saturday, April 20th, and Purvis says it is a great tournament for first time participants and seasoned fishermen alike.

“We want to encourage all of our bass fishermen, or if you have never fished in a tournament, this is a great tournament”, explained Purvis. “We look forward to meeting all of our annual participants, and maybe even some first time participants who want to try their hand at a bass tournament.”

Entry fee per boat will be $110, and the boat payout will be about one per seven boats entered.

A guaranteed first prize of $1,500 will be awarded to the tournament’s winner.

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Since 2008, the TJ and Friends Foundation have given away over $365,000 to cancer patients in Elbert, Hart, Franklin, Madison, Oglethorpe, Wilkes, and Lincoln Counties.