TJ and Friends Hold Annual Roast at Elberton Civic Center

July 11, 2014

Tomorrow evening the TJ and Friends Foundation will be holding one of its biggest fundraising events of the year right here in Elberton.

That event is a roast of Cheryl Mahoney, which will be hosted at the Elberton Civic Center.

Doors at the civic center will open promptly at 6:00pm Saturday evening.

Speaking on WSGC’s morning show a week ago, Mahoney said she is willing to take whatever people can dish out at the roast, as long as it raises money for the foundation’s cause.

“I told them that I didn’t want to be roasted in butter and garlic, that I preferred whipped cream and chocolate, but whatever it takes”, said Mahoney. “It could be rotten tomatoes thrown at me, as long as it raises money for the TJ and Friends Foundation.

Tickets for the upcoming roast are twenty dollars and can be purchased by contacting any TJ and Friends Board member or by contacting Blake Thompson directly at (706) 319-2237.

Tickets for the roast will also be available for purchase at the door Saturday evening.

For more information about this or other upcoming TJ and Friends events, you can visit their website at