TJ and Friends Raise Over $3000 During ‘Day of Praise’

September 19, 2012

Yet another great turnout for a TJ and Friends Foundation Event, which took place this past Saturday.

The foundation held a Day of Praise at the Elbert County Fairgrounds where, according to Steve Higginbotham, about sixteen different groups from local churches in Elbert and surrounding counties participated.

A steady crowd of three hundred plus was in attendance from the start of the event until its conclusion that Saturday evening. Higginbotham said that the foundation raised well over three thousand dollars during their Day of Praise event.

“I want to thank Elberton. Elberton has done great for us and it has just blown our mind”, said Higginbotham. “Its not just one or two of us it’s everybody who has given a dime who is apart of TJ and Friends. It is all just one big family, and Elberton has gone overboard.”

Coming up for the TJ and Friends foundation is another fundraising event this weekend. They will be holding a horse show out at the Elberton Saddle Club. More information will be available later in the week.