TJ and Friends Ride Against Cancer Bumped up

March 26, 2013

As local fishermen are getting ready for the upcoming TJ and Friends Bass Fishing Tournament, local motorcycle enthusiasts should not be excluded from all of the fun.

The TJ and Friends Foundation recently announced their plans to bump up the date for the foundation’s annual Ride against Cancer.

Saturday, May 4th is the new date for the ride, and TJ and Friends Foundation member Darren Scarborough points out a couple of different things that are going to be included in this year’s ride.

“We have an individual who has given us $500 dollars so that we can have a drawing for that money during the ride”, said Scarborough. “The restaurant that we are going to is going to have a steak and seafood buffet for the same price that we have always done the ride for.”

Scarborough says that the ride is not just for motorcycles, as they invite anyone in any vehicle to participate in the event.

More information about the ride can be found at, or by contacting Darren Scarborough at (706) 498-0339.