Tom McCall Speaks at Annual Farm City Banquet in Stephens County

November 14, 2013

State District 33 Representative Tom McCall took some time last Monday to attend and speak at the annual Farm City Banquet in Stephens County.

Hosted at the Currahee Campus at North Georgia Technical College, State Representative McCall who is the State House Agriculture Committee Chairman spoke on the importance of small farms.

He said the average farm size in Stephens County is seventy-seven acres, and produces a total of seventy-two million dollars farm gate value.

McCall had an interesting statistic regarding lottery ticket sales in Stephens County.

“Last year, Stephens County spent over nine million dollars on lottery tickets. I’m of the opinion we need to be taxing lottery tickets”, said McCall. “You do nine million times seven percent and look at the kind of money that would be coming back into this county.”

Closing out his speech that Monday evening, McCall had one more thing to say regarding the importance of agriculture.

“There are 5 things that it takes to survive. Its food, clothing, shelter, air, and water. Three of them come for agriculture and the other two are free”, said McCall as he closed out his speech.

In addition to the seventy-two million dollars produce from farms, Stephens County also grows roughly thirteen million pounds of beef annually.


Charlie Bauder, WNEG Radio, Toccoa contributed to this story.