Town of Calhoun Falls Looking at Rate Increases

January 31, 2013

The town of Calhoun Falls plans on moving forward with proposed rate increases to its water and sanitation services.

According to Calhoun Falls Mayor Lee Garrett, the proposed ordinance will keep Calhoun Falls in line to receive any possible grants applied for in emergency situations, such as a water line or main needing to be replaced.

Mayor Garret says that the utility fund is bleeding tax payer money, and says that is a problem.

“That needs to be stopped, and it is being accounted for”, said Mayor Garrett. “Part of the rate increase is centered on tax payer money being thrown at the sewer and water system.”

According to Councilman Keith Ashley, for someone who uses the average amount of water, the increase should come out to about $1.50 per month.


Also, the sanitation services of the city are expected to see an increase as well.

Currently, residents in the city limits pay $10 a month for trash collection, and residents outside the city limits pay $16 a month.

The proposed increase is $2 per month, which would set the rate at $12 a month for city residents and at $18 per month for non-city residents.

Factor in the proposed increase to the water rates, and the average citizen should see a total of $3.50 per month in increased expenses.

The first reading of Ordinance 13-01 passed with a vote of 4-1, with Councilman Charlie Tillman voting in opposition.

The ordinance is expected to be placed on second reading and approved in February’s regular monthly meeting of the Calhoun Falls town council.