Town of Calhoun Falls Making Progress on Blue Hole Project

March 4, 2013

More progress has been made on the town of Calhoun Falls Blue Hole Project, as the town has received most of the picnic tables and shelters from other state parks.

Economic Development Team member Tuck Hanna said he has been in talks with the South Carolina Parks, Recreation, and Tourism department about some potential grants for the park.

He says the grant that is being discussed is one to help build walking and running trails, but says they have to determine cost first.

“The trail we have been talking about is still awaiting a review by an engineering firm that I have been talking to”, said Hanna. “I am awaiting their design proposal because we need to see what that is going to cost before we do anything with that.”

The grant will have to be applied for before the middle part of this month, and if the town is successful in landing a grant, the money will come in sometime in September.

Hanna says the grant will be rewarded over the course of a couple of years.

“They are going to an every other year request format”, explained Hanna. “So we will be applying for 2013 and 2014.”

Hanna then went back on the topic of receiving equipment from other state parks and said that once the weather clears up, that the rest of the park equipment should be able to be delivered and put into storage for later use.