Traffic for EC Schools Should Improve as Week Progresses

August 16, 2012

The first day of the new school year in Elbert County is in the books, and all things considered, the handling of traffic went about as well as one could hope.

Major Allen Lee from the Elberton Police Department pointed out a couple of the heavier traffic areas from yesterday morning.

“We observed a high volume of traffic on Athens Tech Road for Elbert County Elementary School and Elbert County Middle School. Also, a high volume of traffic was noted at the intersection of Lake Forrest Avenue and Jones Street.” said Lee. “We had some delays on Athens Tech Road, and we made some adjustments to traffic directions to keep traffic flowing as smoothly and safely as possible.”

Elbert County School Superintendent Rick Higginbotham said that it was a team effort that kept traffic moving as smoothly as it did.

“The morning went as well as I could have possibly imagined it to go.” said Higginbotham. “At 8:00am Athens Tech Road was clear; that’s because we had help from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Department, Elberton Police Department, and of course the School Employees. I am really appreciative of the parents. People were patient, and people didn’t lose their cool.”

Higginbotham added that he felt as the school year progressed, that traffic should eventually be a non-issue.

“As time goes on, I feel like it will go even better. Because a lot of parents walk their children in the elementary school for the first time, and so that should go even fast there. My hope is that people will take advantage of the after school program that the YMCA will be doing, and that more people will start allowing their children to ride the buses.” said Higginbotham.

Elbert County Law Enforcement will be on hand the rest of this week to help direct traffic as parents and students become more acclimated to the newer traffic patterns.