Traffic Issues for School Goers Nearly Ironed Out

August 17, 2012

Today is the third day of school for Elbert County Students, and the traffic problems experienced on the first day, seem to have been figured out.

Major Allen Lee with the Elberton Police department said that traffic yesterday morning flowed much better compared to the first morning.

“It was great. We got on post around 7:00am, around 7:15am the traffic started flowing in heavy.” said Lee. “We had a little backup, but we adjusted and it flowed well, and by 7:41am Athens Tech Road was clear.”

Lee said that Law Enforcement had some issues in the afternoon, but that they weren’t too bad.

“It went well; we had a little backup to start with, because we had a lot of car riders. We parked some cars in a grassy area to start with, and once it cleared up some we worked those cars into the Elementary School.” explained Lee. “The parents and the drivers followed the direction of the school staff in the parking lots, and everything went well.”

Lee offered some advice to parents and students about how to keep traffic flowing as well as it can.

“We are asking for driver’s assistance to utilize their vehicle’s turn signal, by doing so, that will greatly help Law Enforcement in traffic direction, and in vehicle flow.” said Lee.

Today is the last day that Law Enforcement will be directing traffic for school goers, unless it is determined after today that further traffic direction will be needed.