Turkey Hunting Season Safety Tips

March 20, 2013

As turkey season approaches, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division encourages hunters to review important turkey hunting safety tips before hitting the woods.

Georgia DNR Spokesperson Melissa Cummings says one thing to keep in mind is to not wear colors similar to those found on male turkeys.

“We encourage hunters not to wear certain colors that you will see on certain turkeys such as red, white, and blue”, said Cummings. “Just for safety’s sake, it might sound odd that someone can be mistaken for a turkey, but stranger things have happened.”

She says another important thing to keep in mind is your surroundings, and to make sure that you are protecting yourself while you are out hunting this season.

“While you’re in the woods you want to make sure you are protecting yourself, and that another hunter does not think you are a turkey, so if you are sitting down on the ground, you want to make sure the tree you are leaning against is as wide as you are”, explained Cummings. “If you see another hunter in the woods, speak to them directly, and don’t gobble at them like a turkey.”

Turkey hunters must possess a valid hunting license and a big game license to legally hunt turkeys in Georgia. If hunting on a wildlife management area, hunters must also possess a WMA license.

Sportsmen and women must always obtain permission from a landowner before hunting on private land.

Only male turkeys may be harvested, and the season bag limit is three gobblers per hunter.

Turkey season this year opens this Saturday, March 23rd and will last until May 15th.