Turkey Shoot Takes Place Tomorrow for TJ and Friends Foundation

November 9, 2012

Tomorrow, the TJ and Friends Foundation will be holding another turkey shoot fundraiser.

Tony “Pete” Mincey is with the TJ and Friends Foundation, and detailed how exactly tomorrow’s Turkey Shoot will work.

We will set up ten targets at thirty yards, and you will have ten people at a time shooting at those targets, and the closest one to the center will win whatever prize is up for grabs”, explained Mincey.

Participants will be able to “buy in” to particular rounds for prizes that catch their eye. Typical rounds will only be five dollars a shot, but higher caliber prizes may cost up to thirty dollars to shoot for.

The Turkey Shoot will take place at the Elberton Gun Club located off of Ruckersville Road. Mincey said that this will be a great family event to come out and enjoy.

“Just bring your gun and kids, it is a family event. So bring your wives and kids out to the event. If I can get enough kids to participate I will have a kids only round during the shoot”, said Mincey.

The event begins at 10:00am tomorrow, and all funds raised will go directly to the TJ and Friends Foundation.