Two Arrested in ECCHS Drug Sweep Operation

February 8, 2013

Two Elbert County Comprehensive High School students were arrested in a drug sweep that occurred at the school late last week.

“Which resulted in searches being conducted in the school itself, the alternative school, and in the parking lot where the vehicles are located”, detailed Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh. “Out of all the students involved we only had two arrests that were made on some weapon offenses, and there were a small amount of drugs and alcohols seized out of one of the vehicles, those charges are pending at this time.”

Chief Welsh said that several different agencies contributed to the sweep, including K-9 officers from the Georgia State Patrol, Thomson P.D., Hartwell P.D., Hart County Sheriff’s Office, Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, and Jefferson P.D.

In addition to the K-9 Units other participants included the Elberton Police Department, Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, and Officers from the Piedmont M.A.N.S. Unit, Georgia State Patrol – Washington Post 17, State Probation, and Elbert County Emergency Services.

Chief Welsh says that the school superintendent is focused on keeping schools drug free.

“The school superintendent has shown a dedication in order to make sure these violations don’t occur on school property, and we are more than happy to assist in any way we can”, said Chief Welsh.

There are nearly eight hundred and fifty students enrolled at ECCHS and at the Elberton Learning Center.