Two Dead in Atlanta From the Flu, Another Reminder to Get Vaccinated

December 17, 2013

As if we needed another reminder to get vaccinated for the flu, as last week two people in the Atlanta area were claimed by the virus.

Doctor Lyn Finelli with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta says that a majority of deaths are caused by underlying medical conditions.

“Most people that die from the flu are people with underlying medical conditions”, said Finelli. “Such as cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, and diabetes just to name a few types of medical conditions.”

As we near the peak of the flu season in Georgia, Finelli urges people to get vaccinated so they don’t potentially spread the virus to those who are most vulnerable.

“The time of the holidays is a time when we get together with our families, and we want to be well, and we also don’t want to spread the flu to our families”, explained Finelli. “Especially to the elderly family members or the young children.”

During the roughly thirty flu seasons Georgia has been through, nearly fifty thousand people have been killed as a result of catching the flu.

Penny Conner with the Georgia Department of Public Health is also a strong advocate of getting vaccinated.

She says those concerned about catching the flu from the vaccine have nothing at all to worry about.

“Those are made of inactivated particles, so you can’t get the flu from that. That’s not to say that after you got, as we get older our immune systems weaken, so that is why we have to get as many antibodies on board as we can”, explained Conner.

Elbert County residents can get flu vaccines from numerous places including a majority of local pharmacies.