Two Tourism Expenditures Approved by EC Commissioners.

February 13, 2013

In what was a busy night for the Elbert County Commission, the board also approved two monetary requests to Main Street Elberton, and to the Jim Ree Museum.

Jimmy White, President of the Jim Ree Museum, went before the board to request $2,500 to help finance the museum’s upcoming spring festival celebration.

While before the board, White expressed gratitude to everyone involved with the commission.

“I’d like to thank the board of commissioners, and especially administrator Bob Thomas for having guided us and assisted us for all he has done in our effort for the Jim Ree Museum to open in the near future”, expressed White. “We also thank County Attorney Bill Daughtry for assistance and support.”

According to White, the festival is to help raise more money, as the museum is roughly another $100,000 away from being able to even partially open.

The board of commissioners approved the tourism expenditure of $2,500 with a unanimous vote.


Making a similar request Monday evening was Main Street Director Sissie Herring.

Her $2,500 request is going towards the 4th Annual Summer Concert Series, which takes place over three months in the summer, with a different band featured every month.

Herring did already confirm that the Swinging Medallions will be back in Elberton to be apart of the series.

As with the request from the Jim Ree Museum, the commissioners approved the expenditure with another unanimous vote.

Both monetary requests are being provided through the county’s Hotel/Motel tax fund.