U.S. Agriculture Secretary on Sequester Impact on Rural Development

March 8, 2013

With the sequester cuts in effect after the March 1st deadline passed with no deal in place, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack details some of the effects the cuts will have on rural development programs.

While speaking at a House Agriculture Committee Hearing, Vilsack says they are going to do their best to get the job done.

“We’re just not going to be able to do as much business”, said Vilsack. “We are going to see a reduction in wastewater, business and industry, and utility loan programs, but we are still going to do our job.”

He says the streamlining of some of the programs that went into effect before the cuts will help, but still says they will be lacking some key resources.

“We’ve created new opportunities in the FSA area with micro loans to help small farming operations”, said Vilsack. “There is a lot of working being done, but we are not going to be able to do as much of it because we are not going to have the financial resources we had.”

Vilsack says that despite the cuts, they are still going to be focused on the rural development programs that are vital to several rural communities.