U.S. Congressional District 9 Hopeful Jody Cooley Address Elbert County Citizens

October 5, 2012

9th Congressional Candidate Jody Cooley

Last night the Elberton Star, Elbert County Chamber of Commerce, and WSGC Radio presented the last local political forum before the November General Elections.

We begin our coverage of last night’s forum with U.S. Congressional District 9 Candidate Jody Cooley. Cooley had the opportunity to give a ten minute statement since his opponent Doug Collins was unable to attend last night’s forum due to a scheduling conflict.

In his address, Cooley highlighted what he called the four C’s. The first C, he said, stood for putting our country first.

“We need to put country first in every situation. That means we need to put the country before allegiance to party, we need to put the country before allegiance to special interest, and we need to put the country before election or re-election prospects, and we need to put the country before contributions to our campaign”, said Cooley.

The next two C’s were to use Common Sense when passing legislation, and to be able to compromise with members across the aisle in Congress. Cooley closed out his four C’s point with the word Courage.

“You all need to send a representative to Washington who has the courage to stand against the ill winds that are blowing; has the courage to stand up and say the answer is in the middle, because we Americans are a rambunctious bunch”, expressed Cooley. “We all have different opinions on a lot of different issues, and we need people in Washington with courage to do what is right for people, even though that might not be the most politically acceptable thing.”

Later in his presentation, Cooley pointed out with how disgusted he is with the current tone of politics, and that the tone needs to change.

Jody Cooley will be taking on Doug Collins in the U.S. 9th Congressional District Race in November.