UGA President, “Pay Raises to be Implemented to Remain Competitive”

April 25, 2014

4-25-2014 UGA LogoRecent state legislation that has gone into effect has set aside a pool of money for merit pay raises, which are expected to help keep the University of Georgia competitive with colleges and universities in the surrounding states.

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, says the pay raises are going to help, but that the college still has some catching up to do.

“You’re going to see some real progress this year, but you are also going to see that we have a big gap to close”, said Morehead. “For the University of Georgia to remain competitive it is going to take a series of pay raises over a sustained period of time.”

Morehead says he hopes the economy will continue to grow, because that will enable the University to offer pay increases more often.

State employees haven’t had a pay increase since 2008.

The University is working to keep costs down.

While tuition at UGA is expected to increase by seven percent, there will be no increases in the costs of housing, parking, or student activity fees.