Unemployment Numbers for Georgia/Elbert County are Up

July 19, 2013

Not such good news for Georgia’s unemployment numbers, as the Georgia Department of Labor announced yesterday that Georgia’s unemployment rate increased to 8.6%; up from 8.3% in May.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler isn’t down about the latest numbers, and he points out some positive data from June.

“If you look at all the different sectors, we saw a lot of the areas that have been hard hit over the last several years actually gain jobs”, said Butler. “Our loss leader last month was government; government lost ten thousand jobs last month. If you take out the job loss in government, and just look at the private sector, we actually gained 9,400 jobs last month.”

He says job loss relating to government jobs is probably a trend that will continue in the future.

“We’re probably going to continue a trend when it comes to job losses in the government sector due to the fact that budgets have gotten much smaller all the way from the state government, down to the local governments” said Bulter.

Butler says that the private sector is what fuels the Georgia economy, and it is making a comeback.

With four months in a row of positive growth in construction related jobs, Butler feels that Georgia is still on the right track.

Elbert County’s current unemployment rate as of May 2013 is at 11.30%.

The county’s June numbers are expected to be released towards the end of July.