US Corps of Engineers Begin Month Long Clean-Up of Lake Russell Tomorrow

August 24, 2012

Saturday September 29th is National Public Lands Day, which is the nation’s largest single-day volunteer event for public lands.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers however, will get a jump start on the Nationwide Clean-Up project by holding a month long clean-up of Richard B. Russell Lake.

Erin Parnell, who is a Natural Resource Specialist for Corps of Engineers, says that most of the clean-up will be focused on the shorelines of the lake.

“A lot of the shore line areas on Russell, and maybe a few of the boat ramps seem to collect a lot of household trash, as well as trash from island camping.” said Erin Parnell. “It adds up, every little bit adds up, and this is just a good time for people to volunteer and help clean up the parks and boat ramps we all enjoy using.”

The Lake Russell clean-up will get started tomorrow, and will conclude on September 29th on National Public Lands Day. Volunteers of all ages will be participating in National Public Lands Day by helping to build new trails, planting trees, repairing facilities, and much more.

If you have a group that would like to participate, or want to contribute on your own, you can contact The Corps of Engineers Office at (706) 213-3400.

For more information about National Public Lands Day, you can visit their website at