USDA Encourages Everyone to Shop Locally

April 22, 2013

The United States Department of Agriculture announces that shopping locally for produce has multiple benefits; not just economically, but can also be healthier.

Elaine Lidholm, with the Virginia Department of Agriculture, says that locally grown food is in its own category.

“You may be buying something at noon that was picked at seven that morning so its going to be fresher, its going to be more nutritious, and its going to have a taste you can only get locally”, said Lidholm.

She says it helps the consumer when they know who they are purchasing from, and how the product they are buying is grown.

The obvious fact about shopping locally for produce and other food products is that it helps benefit the local economy, as well as the economy on a national scale.

Lidholm reveals some interesting data from a recent study conducted by the Farm Bureau Federation.

“If consumers would just spend ten dollars a week on local products, and if they did that every week, it could add up to a billion dollars to the economy annually”, said Lidholm.

Some places that local produce can be purchased from are local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and even some of the farms where the food is grown as well.