USDA Offers Advice on Eating Heathly for Cheap

April 11, 2013

The latest statistics on obesity show that over one third of the United States’ population is considered to be obese.

The state of Georgia falls into the category of 25%-30% of the state’s population being obese.

Speaking in South Dakota recently, United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered advice on eating healthier on a tighter budget.

“Consumers first and foremost if they want to get the best bang out of their buck, they need to think ahead”, said Vilsack. “They need to plan and understand the choices they have, and they need to come into the grocery store with a plan.”

He also says it’s important to compare different products in the store you can make sure you are getting the most out of your hard earned dollar.

Vilsack encourages households to try and plan ahead when shopping, and to prepare only the food you will need.

“You need to make sure that as you prepare the food that you prepare it in ways that allow you to stretch that dollar, and that you only prepare that food that you need”, said Vilsack.

Back on the subject of obesity, the south ranks highest in obesity rate at 29.5%, followed closely by the Midwest at 29%, the northeast region comes in at 25.3%, and the west just below that at 24.3%.

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