Veterans Honored During High School Vets Day Ceremony

November 13, 2012

The first line of Veterans entering the high school gym.

During the yesterday’s Veterans Day ceremony, which was presented by the Elbert County JROTC Program at the ECCHS gym, veterans from every branch of the United States Military were honored for their service to our nation.

LTC George Worley, retired, of the United States Air Force was the keynote speaker, and encouraged everyone in attendance to embrace the ideals that our veterans fought for.

“As we honor these men and women gathered here this morning, let us remember these great events of the past. Let us inscribe them in our hearts, and chisel them into our very character”, said LTC Worley. “Let us dedicate ourselves to the ideals of liberty, and commit ourselves to the principles of duty, honor, and country. Let us affirm our solemn pledge of one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

All of the Veterans pictured before the American Flag

Included in the ceremony was a flag folding presentation. After the conclusion of that presentation, the flag used was presented to World War II veteran, 93 year old Lawrence Cecchini.

Elbert County School Superintendant Rick Higginbotham in his closing statement, asked the students in attendance to be the best American citizens that they can be.

Students, I want to challenge you to live a life based upon the principles that these men and women fought for. Principles such as honesty, integrity, courage, and fairness, and I want to encourage you to be the best American citizen that you can be”, said Higginbotham.

Mr. Chicheny being presented the American Flag during the Veteran’s Day Ceremony.

The ceremony concluded with one more gigantic round of applause for all the veterans who were in attendance.