Voter Registration Deadline Just Under Two Weeks Away

September 28, 2012

The Elbert County Registrar’s Office is preparing for the 2012 November General Elections.

Chief Registrar of Elbert County Charlotte Ward says that military ballots are a primary focus for her office.

“If you have any family members or friends that are military, that is our number one priority, to give these military folks a ballot. So if anyone knows anyone who is in the military, and they haven’t been receiving a ballot, we will work with them in any way we can to help get them a ballot”, said Ward.

The registration deadline to be able to vote in the November Election is October 9th. Early voting will begin a week later on October 15th. Ward said that they are also focusing on getting voters registered prior to the election.

“In looking at the election process, the number one thing we are working on is our registration. I really encourage the public to check and make sure they are registered and to make sure their voter information is up to date”, said Ward. “We will do anything to help you get ready for Election Day, or for you to receive an absentee ballot.”

For more information about getting registered to vote, or to check your voter status, you can contact the Registrar’s Office at (706) 283-2012.