Voter Registration Deadline Looming

September 30, 2013

Almost a week now before the registration deadline for Bowman and Elberton residents interested in voting in the upcoming municipal elections.

The deadline is October 7th by 5:00pm, and Elbert County Chief Registrar Charlotte Ward explains how you can register to vote.

“You are welcome to walk in to the registrar’s office, if you want to call us at (706) 283-2012 we will drop a registration card in the mail for you, or you can online to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office and print out a card there”, explained Ward.

She also says it’s vital for those who have recently moved to update their voter information.

“If you have moved inside the city limits of Bowman or Elberton, or if you have moved outside of the city limits you need to contact us so we can send you a registration card so you can change your addresses; as these are both city elections”, said Ward.

After the deadline, early voting will begin on October 14th at 8:30am at both the Bowman City Hall and the Elberton City Hall.

To request an early absentee ballot for the Elberton city election contact Cindy Churney at (706) 213-3105, and for the Bowman city election contact Bowman City Hall at (706) 245-5432.