Voting Consolidation for Elbert County Discussed by EC Commission

October 14, 2013

One voting precinct for the entirety of Elbert County; it is a real possibility.

Discussion on the issue took place during the Elbert County Board of Commissioners work session late last week, about ways of cutting costs, and one of those cost cutting measures talked about was the reduction in the number of voting precincts in the county.

Probate Judge Stephanie Hewell said that reducing the number of precincts could cut costs by over half of what it costs now to run an election.

Proposed was to reduce of number of precincts from eleven to one, and if that was the case, Hewell explained what they would have to do to make it work.

“What we would have to do though, to make this work is push the advance voting. We have three weeks worth of advance voting, that’s three full weeks plus a Saturday vote and if needed we can add another Saturday to that. We would have the time to get everybody informed about it and get them here to vote and if they couldn’t make it this far, they can always vote an absentee paper ballot” says Hewell.

Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth suggested if they were going to reduce voting precincts, to cut it down to five; one for each district.

Nothing was decided regarding the issue, and no vote could take place as it was only a work session.

The consolidation of voting precincts is not an issue the Board of Commissioners has to vote on, but Hewell said she didn’t want to make any changes to the precincts without the commission’s support.

More discussion on the issue is expected to occur in the near future.