Warmer Temperatures on the Horizon

April 4, 2013

While today may not feel like spring, our area is beginning to transition into that traditional spring weather.

Actually, according to the Climate Prediction Center, the next three months are expected be warmer than average.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says in that same time frame there is an equal chance of above normal, normal, and below normal rainfall.

He says that’s normal for this time of year, and that there may be a few more days similar to this one with somewhat chilly temperatures.

“Those forecasts you would kind of anticipate as we are still in a neutral pattern, meaning we are not in an el Niño or la Niña”, said Murphey. “I still think we are going to get a few cold shots here and there before its all said and done.”

Murphey says that while the weather begins to get nicer and warmer, there is also severe weather to be concerned about.

“Now we are going into more the spring type systems coming up, and we are still in the spring transition”, said Murphey. “You still could have bouts of severe weather with these systems which is possible over the next few weeks to a month or so.”

After today’s weather front moves through, Murphey expects dryer weather over the next few days with more seasonal temperatures.