Washington-Wilkes Chamber Honors WWHS STAR Students at Banquet

February 4, 2013

Pictured from L-R: Jonathon Wood, W-WCHS Principal Mark Ward, and Kohen Newsome.

The Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce honored this year’s STAR student at their yearly awards banquet.

This year was a history making year, as for the first time in school history, there was a tie for STAR student honors at Washington-Wilkes High School.

Kohen Newsome and Jonathan Wood received the honors this year, and each also got to choose their STAR teacher.

First up was Newsome, who chose Marsha Willis as his STAR teacher, Newsome said that Willis made an impact on his life.

“I wasn’t a huge literature fan, I didn’t enjoy writing or reading, but as the semester progressed she influenced me and helped me enjoy reading and writing more”, said Newsome. “I remember one of the last days of class we got into a huge debate and it really left a huge mark on my life.”

Willis spoke next, and talked about how Newsome used his strengths in other subjects to help him through her class.

“Instead of complaining about the workload, the language of rhetoric, or the amount of writing; Kohen chose to bring his love of history into our English class”, said Willis. “He made no excuses, instead, he created learning experiences for all of us.”

Next up, Jonathon Wood took the stage, and explained that he joined the school’s 4-H program to follow in his sister’s footsteps, and that joining 4-H, led to other pathways.

“Each year 4-H taught me more and more. It taught me many things such as public speaking, and the importance of communication skills”, said Wood. “When I got in high school I wanted to learn about the business aspects of things, so I joined FBLA. FBLA taught me the ideas of business, and each of my years in high school I became more involved with this organization.”

Wood selected Amy Harkins as his STAR teacher, and in her speech, Harkins said that Wood made the most of every moment.

“Jonathon has taken advantage of each and every opportunity that has come his way both in the classroom and with FLBA”, said Harkins. “In FBLA Jonathon took full advantage all the conferences that he could attend, and while there he took advantage of all that the conference could offer him.”

Each year the school’s STAR student is determined by whichever student scores the highest on their SAT. Again, this year was the first year in school history that there has ever been a tie.