Water System Improvements Begin in April for City of Elberton

March 11, 2014

The City of Elberton Utility Department is preparing to begin work on roughly 2.5 million dollars worth of water system improvements.

According to Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn, work on the improvement is slated to begin during the first week of April.

It’s a multi-phase plan that will begin with numerous amounts of water meter replacements.

“About two-thirds of the water meters in the system are very old, some of them are even upwards of forty-years old”, explained Dunn. “So it is time for some of those meters to be replaced.”

Dunn says crews will go to each home with an outdated meter and replace them one by one.

“This will required that the water service to the home be shut off for roughly thirty minutes, and we will go door to door and notify the individual homes when their water will be turned off”, said Dunn. “If you are not at home when we do the work, that’s fine, your water will be turned off and back on before they leave the premises.”

Dunn says the new meters will be easier and more accurate to read, and will also be able to be remote viewed at the Elberton Utility office.

A grand total of nearly 2,600 meters will be replaced, and Dunn says the work is expected to take nearly ten weeks to complete, assuming no major delays are encountered such as rain.

Following this phase of work, the utility department will then turn its focus to making improvements at the city’s water filtration plant.