Ways to Stop Stressing Out about Stress

October 9, 2012

With people starting school, college, new jobs, or losing jobs, stress is a factor that doesn’t make anything better but just adds on to the problem. Mrs. Vanessa Hollis Elbert County High School Social Worker explains what the first step to dealing with stress is.

“When you first come against the problem, you have to sit down right then and there before you begin to let your mind take over”, said Hollis. “You have to capture that thought before you start to deal with it.”

Other good ways to deal with stress is taking a walk to clear your head, share your problems with your friends or family, a good night’s sleep is also always recommended.

The number one way to deal with stress is to exercise, choose and activity that you would enjoy, if you usually do quiet activities a more vigorous exercise may be best. If you are active, a more calming exercising may work better with you, but most importantly choose an activity that you will enjoy.

Stress is something that everybody feels but each person handles differently. Signs to know if you are stressed, are if you are not sleeping, you feel nervous all the time, you forget important things; you get sick a lot, and if you want to drop out. If you are experiencing any of these signs and need someone to talk to, refer to your school counselor or on campus social worker.