Winter Weather Hitting Elbert County Today

February 11, 2014
The latest snowfall projections from the NWS.

The latest snowfall projections from the NWS.

Its all rain and snow so far this morning in Granite country as this winter system begins to impact our area.

This weather system, initially thought to be just a cold rain storm late last week, has developed into a full blown high impact winter event.

It is a constant changing system that is expected to bring a rain/snow mix this morning, steady snow this afternoon and transitioning to an icy mix of precipitation late tonight and into Wednesday morning.

Ruben Brown with the American Red Cross is urging travelers across the state to stay off the roadways.

“People simply need to stay off the roads; the roads will not be navigable, and that will compromise their safety”, says Brown. “We want to allow the Georgia DOT to get out on those roads to treat those roads with salt and chemicals to make them passable within a reasonable amount of time.”

With the chance of ice in the forecast, power outages are a likely possibility in Elbert County, and Brown urges people to not use any kind of gas or charcoal powered heating device indoors with no ventilation due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ice total projections via the NWS

Ice total projections via the NWS

Elbert County EMS Director Chuck Almond gives Elbert County citizens a quick briefing on what we can expect over the next couple of days.

“Our weather briefing says that the Elberton area should receive four inches of snowfall and up to half an inch of ice, driving conditions will deteriorate over the next couple of days”, explained Almond. “We hope everyone has food, supplies, medications, and will look after their pets. Also, school has been cancelled in Elbert County.”

Keep your radio dials locked into 105.3 WSGC as long as you can as we will provide you weather updates, road conditions, and a list of closings/delays.

One note to keep in mind, in the event of ice, our FM radio signals will become extremely diminished, in which case you can tune into 1400AM to catch all of the updated information.

If you are unable to sit by a radio, all our information relating to the winter storm will be available on our website at