Work Continues on Georgia FY 2014 Budget

February 8, 2013

Work on the state of Georgia’s fiscal year 2014 budget continues by the Georgia legislature.

State politicians are not too far removed from budget hearings that were held in late January, where numerous departments went before committees to make their case for funding.

Georgia State Representative Tom McCall, of Georgia’s 33rd District, says that all departments can expect some cuts.

“The governor has ordered a three percent cut, and that is not a three percent find it and hold it somewhere”, said Rep. McCall. “Some departments may get a bigger cut than that, depending on what the revenue estimates are.”

He says that putting together a state budget is a long process, but also said that it should be just as, if not an easier process this year.

“Compared to the last couple of years, I think it is going to be as easy or easier”, said Rep. McCall. “Revenues are up a little bit. Two years ago, when we were getting negative revenue each month, we didn’t know what we were going to do. We have cut about four or five billion out of the budget since 2008.”

The state budget is currently on track to be around twenty billion dollars in size.

McCall says that roughly 90% of that amount will go to about seven different departments, the largest being the Department of Education.