Year In Review-Part 1

December 23, 2013

Only a few days are left in 2013, and that means it is time for the annual WSGC year in review, where the WSGC news department recaps all of the major stories and issues from Elbert and surrounding counties….

In Elbert County 2013 saw the beginning of a new administration at the Elbert County Sheriff’s office, after the November 2012 election where current sheriff at the time Barry Haston was ousted by at the time challenger Melvin Andrews.

Sheriff Andrews’ didn’t have much time to get settled into office before having to deal with a triple shooting.

On January 3rd, the office received a call of a shooting incident that occurred on Middleton Church Road, where the shooter, Donnie Williams of Calhoun Road had shot three women at the Middleton Church Road home.

The cause of the shooting? A property dispute said Sheriff Andrews.

At this time it seems like it’s going to be like a dispute over property, land. That started the argument and ended up in the shooting. Says Andrews”

Williams fled the scene, but law enforcement officials were able to locate him a few hours later in some woods off of Cromer Road, where upon being confronted Williams turned his weapon on himself.

He was airlifted to the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, where he later succumbed to his self inflicted gunshot wound.

Sheriff Andrews was very appreciative of all the cooperation from all the other local agencies.

“ The support I had on this, probation officers, Elberton Police Department, other agencies really came together. Went with me to these locations to try to locate him and I appreciate their help agencies really came out and assisted me, says Andrews.”

All three of the shooting victims would eventually make full recoveries from their wounds sustained from the incident.

As if 2013 wasn’t a crazy enough start for local law enforcement, our neighbors over in South Carolina had some interesting drama going on in Abbeville.

Abbeville County Sheriff Charles Goodwin was indicted by a South Carolina Grand Jury, after resigning from his post as sheriff.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said Goodwin was charged with a count of misconduct in office, due to demanding and receiving cash “kickbacks” from county funds paid to a local auto show between January 1998 and November 2011.

During a court hearing Goodwin admitted to the previous accusations, and apologized in court to all those who had supported him in the past.

“Folks I’d like to apologize to my family and Abbeville. I put them through all of this. Secondly I apologize to the citizens of Abbeville county who placed their trust in me, I’m grateful for 39 years in law enforcement that I was allowed to serve specially 24 years serving as sheriff. I thank them for their support over the years. I’m sorry for my actions, I offer no excuse as I simply had a lapse of judgment and I was wrong, said Goodwin.”

He was sentenced to ten years probation, cut down to five, and one hundred hours of community service.

Goodwin was also ordered to pay a restitution of roughly $4,500.

Enough with the cop drama, as we move on to some good news that ElbertonNET customers received earlier this year, which involved numerous new channels being added by the local cable provider.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said the new channels were actually added towards the middle of December 2012.

“We have added new high definitions channels. We added MTV, CMT, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike, and Nickelodeon, in high definition and they have been active since the middle of December, says Dunn”

That addition bumped up the number of HD channels offered by ElbertonNET up to fifty, which Dunn said, was a great accomplishment.

According to Dunn roughly ninety-five percent of the channels on ElbertonNET are provide by about six or seven different TV companies.