Year In Review-Part 2

December 23, 2013

We are still focused on the month of January, as local law enforcement had their hands full with a con artist or scammer both inside of the Elberton city limits and out in the county.

A white male, later identified by Anderson County, SC authorities as 49-year-old Jimmy Gerard Sherlock, would claim to be a contractor with various companies asking residents to come out and talk with him.

Well, while that was happening, authorities believe a second person would go into the home and would steal anything of value.

Captain Darren Rucker with the Elberton Police Department said one victim in the city got a bad vibe from the man.

“I guess what puzzled her was that the tree person, wanted to cut down the tree, clean it up, and clean the stumps up for free. That’s what alerted her and she asked do you work for the city of Elberton and he replied no, that he was a subcontractor, said Rucker”

As a result of those attempted scams, some of which the con artists actually were able to steal items, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office and Elberton Police Department urged residents to be mindful of anyone they didn’t know trying to lure them out of their homes.

At last check, the suspect still remains at large.

Garbage disposal fee increases are something no one likes to hear about yet alone have to pay, but the Elbert County government, still trying to get the solid waste fund back on track, had to do something.

That something was to increase the fees on solid waste disposal at the Elbert County Transfer Station.

Discussed in early February was the possibility of increasing the tipping fee and the cost of the blue and yellow bags, which Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said had to be increased together due to the Service Delivery Strategy.

“If you’re going to increase the tipping fees, which the city pays us those tipping fees then you have equal out and balance out the county resident with the city residents. That’s what service delivery strategy says. You have to treat people equally within the city and without, in the unincorporated areas”

The following county commission saw the commissioners approve a motion to move forward with the increase with a unanimous vote.

The tipping fee at the county’s transfer station was increased to 52 dollars per ton up from the previous number of 48 dollars per ton.

Also increased were the cost of the county’s blue trash bags increased by fifty cents, and the county’s yellow bags increased by twenty-five cents.

A rare occasion in mid-February had thousands packed in like sardines on Elberton’s Downtown square, and that special occasion was the send off ceremony for the 214th Artillery Battalion as they prepared to be deployed to Shindan Air Base in Afghanistan.

Speaking at that ceremony on February 18th was Major Jim Butterworth, Commander of the Georgia National Guard, and at the ceremony he officially announced the 214th’s certification.

“You are THE best trained organization going into the war fight  and that has been quatified, qualified and as of 2 days ago I certified and turned y’all over to the United States Army to go serve your country in Afghanistan.”

Closing out the ceremony was Battalion Commander LTC David Casey, who had some final words for his battalion and those in attendance that day.

“The time has now come, and the day is now upon us, We are at the line of departure, As our battalion motto clearly states. We here, and Strike, Granite 6, Out.”

The battalion, referred to as Task Force Granite, was presented a flag that had been flown at the state capital by State Representative Tom McCall of Georgia’s 33rd District.

Troops from the 214th Battalion departed Elbert County just eight days following the send-off ceremony.