Year In Review- Part 3

December 23, 2013

Back in March the Elbert County School System announced plans to move forward with renovations at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School, the first major work that had been done on the school since it opened its doors back in 1976.

The last ESPLOST voted on by Elbert County, approved roughly 7.45 million dollars in bonds to go towards those renovations.

Elbert County School Superintendent at the time Rick Higginbotham shared what the initial expectations were for the renovations.

“ We have designated a number of different things to be done to the main building itself. An administrative addition and renovation at the front of the school, the front entrance, making it a more secure entrance, and also changing the look of the school. A new roof all the doors would be redone, fire-alarm upgrade, renovations of the science laboratories, painting, restroom modifications, all of the windows being replaced, and bus loop and canopy upgrades, said Higg”

Phase One work began later in the summer and concluded just after students returned back to school in August.

Currently Phase Two renovations are underway at the campus of the high school, and that work is expected to be completed some time in 2014.

A war on litter? Indeed so, as those were the words from Elbert County Commissioner Horace Harper back in March.

On the backs of Commissioner Harper and Commission Harold Reynolds, the Elbert County Board of Commissions stepped its game up when dealing with the county’s littering problem.

Initial discussion about the litter problem eventually led to the formation of the Keep Elbert County Beautiful Branch of the Keep America Beautiful Organization.

After approving a one time fee of $3,000 to apply to the KAB foundation, Commission Chair Tommy Lyon said that was a big step to solve the county’s litter problem.

“Since Mr. Harper brought these things to my attention the more I ride down the road the more I look, and the more I look the worst I see.  We have to do something, and this is a start and we need everybody’s help, said Lyon”

Numerous signs across the county urging motorists and residents not to litter were put up in addition to applying to the Keep American Beautiful Organization, and Commissioner Horace Harper did indeed say they were declaring war on litter.

“If we get 150 signs out like this, I think it’ll help. At least they’ll be aware that we are working on it. We are declaring war on this and we will see some results, says Harper.”

The Keep Elbert County Beautiful branch was officially certified recently, and has just completed their first community service project, which was a recycling happy hour event to help Elbert County residents get rid of items not usually accepted at the local recycling center.

The Development Authority of Elberton, Elbert County, and Bowman got hit with a whammy earlier this year following the resignation of former Development Authority Executive Director Anna Grant Jones.

Left vacant while a search for Jones’ replacement took place, it didn’t take the authority too long to find their next Executive Director.

On April 11th, Beth Eavenson was recommended to be hired as the authority’s new Executive Director.

Development Authority Chairman Jackson McConnell, at the time of the hire, said that Eavenson was going to be a huge asset for the authority, and for Elbert County.

“I think it’s going to be a great asset, she has a lot of experience in economic development, and she’ll just need to learn the job and go to training and do the things that she needs to do. But she is very energetic and committed to the community and knows what we are trying to accomplish and I think she’ll be a great asset to us, says McConnell.

Eavenson, and Elbert County High School graduate, officially began work as Executive Director back on April 22nd.